Watch your students grow.

Engage parents. Create a unique experience. Collect data.

The 360° Student Development Platform

Parents care about two things: what their kids are learning, and how their kids are doing. Whether it is in after school programs, kids activities, educational services, or traditional education, learning and growth are happening everywhere.
Now, we've created the most flexible, seamless and engaging way for every educator and instructor to capture it.

Communicate seamlessly with parents

Share anything and keep parents informed with one click - no more ad hoc emails or face-to-face updates

Engage parents & deliver an exceptional experience

Keep parents in the loop by giving them a user interface, cultivating better customer relationships

Organize all students’ information in one place

Say goodbye to manually keeping notes and students’ info on paper and in excel spreadsheets

Fuel engagement-driven marketing & retention

Engaged parents are more likely to return to your program, and to boost your word-of-mouth and referrals!

Showcase your success & collect data

Track how your students learn and improve, showcase your work, and have a brand new selling point

Join a community of people who put students first

Join hundreds of kids' program, activity, and service providers who aren't compromising on experience

Your own co-pilot
What if you could easily access any of your students’ or groups’ information in one beautifully designed timeline, from anywhere?
  • Take lesson notes, share photos, upload documents, track progress, add milestones & achievements, manage goals, create reports and more.

  • In just one click, you can view all the students’ recent activities, attended sessions, and what you covered last time.

One click to keep everyone in the loop
What will you do with more free time each week? We made it seamless to keep parents and students on the same page, so now you don't have to worry about writing emails and communicating face-to-face.
  • Post a new activity, send a note, give homework, share a photo or a doc - all in one click. Communication was never easier.

Reach parents at the convenience of an email
Everything you share is emailed directly to your customers, in a beautiful & professional design:
  • Your customers receive your updates directly to their computer or smartphone, and can access it from anywhere.

  • Whether your customers like to be highly involved or not involved at all, getting beautifully designed updates, notes, or photos at the palm of their hand is a highly engaging experience which takes customer relationships to the next level.



Our customers vary, but they all have one thing in common - they are determined to provide a personalized experience for families:


We believe in simple plans that fit with your unique type of business and that grow with you, with no incremental costs.

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